Brands can be divided into two broad categories, figurative and non-figurative.

italian restaurants around me
In other words, the names that, when spoken, bring images to
your head and other names that don’t tell you anything.
You can immediately imagine a wood-burning oven, and the
pizza coming out hot. If no other pizzeria uses this name in your
locality, this is certainly a good name for your business. the
word itself doesn’t have a figure associated with it other than
the brand itself, right? This means that before it existed, there
wasn’t an image that came to our minds when we heard this
name. Names like that need a large investment in marketing to
gain meaning, they are unique and therefore can gain larger
territories, such as a state, country or even the world.
In this case, it will be necessary to hire professionals who,
through Design (project) techniques, use knowledge of human
psychology, culture, marketing, symbolism, etc. to create a
special name for your business, which translates your personal
desires as well as those of the market.

But remembering that the name alone does not guarantee the
success of the restaurant, it is also necessary to provide a quality
service to attract customers .

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